Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to the Grind and lots of Freebies!

Hello Everyone!

So I am back to school.  
I actually started last week and let me tell you I was exhausted!  
I literally came home everyday and I just wanted to crawl into my bed.  

My students are great this year but I totally forget how much work it is to set all your routines.  

Another exciting thing that happened last week is that my little guy started kindergarten.

Just look how handsome he is.
He was so excited to get to go to mommys big kid school.  
All I could do was hug him and be super excited with him. 
 Let me just be honest, I totally lost it when I walked away from the kindergarten playground.  
It so bittersweet to watch your little guy be so big now.  

Well anyways let me focus before I go down memory lane.

The first week we do alot of All About Me activities, classroom community, and routines. 
Its alot of fun activities to help us get acquainted.  

This is a free little superhero hunt we did last year to help the kiddos get acquainted with the school.  
Our school mascot is a superhero so it fit perfectly.

This week we are starting to set more of a routine and get the ball rolling.
We are starting our Math Journals this week.
The kiddos love these and they love to challenge their thinking.

Check them out in TPT shop.  

During Math we use Investigations and the first unit is all about number sense so we always talk about number lines and so on.  So I looked online for something good to intro number lines and I found a really good anchor chart.  Which didn't let me click back to the owner on Pinterest so if it is yours please let me know so I can give credit.  

Now I do not know about all of you but I don't have a lot of wall space to hang anchor charts unless they are made with my kiddos.  
Its prime space people so I have to make it meaningful.  
So instead of hanging on a wall I decided to remake the anchor chart so that I could display on my smartboard.
This is another anchor chart I found to help me teach sequencing.
When I clicked on this it took me to some crazy website that was not teacher related. 
Can I just rant for a minute.  I love Pinterest but sometimes its so hard to find the original owner of the work because they have been pinned and repinned so much that it gets lost in the mix.  

Ok focus!

Here is what I made:

I also made this to use this week.  
Just click here to grab your three freebies.  

This week we are also learning about Germs.  
Here is a little mini unit I made a while back.
Hope you can use it.
Now I am off to bed.

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