Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Earth Day Fun!

Well here is an update to my so called relaxing Spring Break!  ITS NOT RELAXING!  LOL!  Today I took my boys to the children's museum.  Well mind you my boys are 5 and 9 months old.  So my 5 year old wanted to run around and explore everything and so did my 9 month old but he is not walking that well so I was stuck carrying him.  Let me tell you if I didn't have arm muscles before I do now because carrying a baby for a couple of hours is the best arm workout ever!  My arms are so sore.  The Childrens Museum was recently renovated here in Las Vegas so let me tell you everyone and their mama was there.  It was craaaazy town in there.  My boys had a blast though so I guess thats all that matters right?

I have been working very hard finishing some units and the first one I want to present to you is....  drumroll please........

                                                                           Earth Day!
(ok you might have guessed it because that's the title of my post but hey its late over here and creative juices were left and the Childrens Museum)
My students loved this unit escpecially getting to be the Earth Day Patrol.  They loved the power of telling people they are not taking care of the Earth and then writing them a citation.  You must check it out, click on the pics to take you over to TPT.

Vocabulary Cards

Students will fill in this booklet by telling us how they will help the Earth and adding illustrations.


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