Monday, July 22, 2013

Lets Get Acquainted!

Hello Everyone!

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This weeks topic is New Advice for Teachers.   I really wish this was around when I started because I really could have used the advice.  I tried to do everything on my own and was afraid to ask questions and my word I practically lived at school!!!! 
So here is my advice: 

Buy: Sparingly
Make sure you only buy the essentials to start the year.  There are so many cute stuff out there that you will literally be broke before you even start the year.  Make sure you get school supplies and book baskets and all things to get your class going but please do not try to make your classroom look like those on Pinterest.  You will get there eventually but for your first year just buy enough for your classroom to run efficiently and be a comfortable place for the kids to learn.  As the year gets going you can add more.  This way you will know what works with your class and what doesn't.  Trust me I spent way too much money my first year making my room super cute and I had to get rid of a lot of stuff because it didn't work once my kiddos were in the room.

Always: Plan Ahead

It is super important to plan ahead.  I always plan at least one week ahead and sometimes I might have to make minor changes according to the pace of the class but at least I know what I am trying to accomplish.  You never know when you are going to need an emergency sub so if you are planned ahead you can just let the school to check your plans and all copies will be there.  Nothing worst than having to come in sick to make sub plans.  

Never: Gossip About Your Students
We all have bad days and sometimes we just want the world to know what this kid has been doing but just remember that this kid is someones baby.  What if it was your kid they were talking about.  You never know when the students or parents are listening.  So instead just keep your negativity to yourself.  I know we all need to vent but wait until a more appropriate time and maybe don't use names.  

Find:  A Friend You Can Co-Plan With

It is super important to know that it is OK to ask for help.  You need help your first year and that is OK.  Make sure you find a teacher that you click with and ask to co-plan with them.  Make sure that you are both contributing because you don't want someone to just come along for a free ride.  You need someone that you can share ideas with.  Sometimes you need that outside opinion to let you know if you are on the right track.  Also, remember that just because you are new it does not mean you don't know anything.  Don't let people convince you that there way is right because that is how things have been done forever but on the same note make sure you listen to peoples advice and make them work for you.  

Make: Time For Yourself

Make sure that you set a schedule for when you are going to be at work and as hard as it may be try to stick to it.  My first year I nearly lived at school.  I was literally the first one there and the last one to go. It was craaaaazy!  My biggest piece of advice is that you are not going to change the world in one day. Tomorrow will be another day and the work will still be there.  Just organize your time during your work day.  Make sure you leave things ready before you leave so that in the morning you aren't stressed.  Make sure you enjoy your lunch time with your co-workers because it is important to have adult conversation.  

Be: Yourself

Teaching is not something you can mimic from someone else.  You have to make it your own.  You need to find what works in your classroom and what you are comfortable with and go with it.  You have to find your teaching style and that might change a million times until you find the right way and let me tell you it is OK.  The first year you are on survival mode and its OK to make mistakes you just have to be true to yourself.

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