Saturday, July 13, 2013

Superhero Envy,Clipart, Units, and Freebies!

Hello Everyone!
Before I tell you about my classroom envy let me tell you about my superhero clipart.

I have gotten great feedback from it.  I am currently in the process of adding more superheroes and some backgrounds.  Since I will be adding plenty I will have to raise the price.  It is currently $2 and alot of you have purchased it but there are many of you who have it on their wishlist.  Make sure you take advantage of the price now so that when I update it you get all the new heroes for half the price.  Hurry and do it now by clicking on the pic!  I will wait!

Ok now that your back you may finish reading.

I have a Hollywood themed classroom at the moment but I really really wanted a Superhero themed classroom.  Our school mascot is a Superhero so I thought it would be perfect.  The only problem is that one of my fellow teachers has a superhero theme so I felt kind of weird doing the same.  The more requests that I get to make superhero items the more that I am tempted to take the plunge.

Here is the picture of my coworkers classroom from her door.
(These pics might look familiar since I blogged about them on my old blog.)

I looooove her table signs.  She had one of her room moms do it and they came out great.  I am not always blessed with amazing room moms so I make things.  Here are some superhero classroom decor that may help.  

This is her library! 
 Can you believe how cute this is. 
 This is the reason I am so reluctant to do superhero theme because I have to make it look this cute and that seems like a lot of work.  Ha!

Here is another one of her walls.  She has her math strategies on there.

Maybe next year I will be brave and do it.  
If you are doing a superhero theme here are some things I have done or have gotten requests for:

These are my two different types of ABC lines.  One has a corresponding picture and the other has a speech bubble with a corresponding word. They also come in cursive now thanks to my 3rd grade friends.  

These are Reading/Decoding Strategies.

Here is a daily schedule which is editable for you to add your own schedule to fit your classroom.

Here is a superhero clip chart someone asked me to make.  I added two versions.  One with superhero lingo and the other with a more traditional wording.

Superhero job chart.  It is all editable so that you can add jobs that work for your classroom.

Check our some other Superhero inspirations I have found on Google that are really making it hard for me to stay with my Hollywood theme. (If any of these are your classrooms please let me know so that I can link them back)

If you have requests for a product to fit your superhero theme please let me know.

Here go your freebies just click on the pics:



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