Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Plants a Camp Out and a Freebie!

Hope you guys are all doing well!

As for me I am doing fantabulous.  My husbands schedule switched back and now he is off on weekends again.  You do not know how happy this makes me.  Dealing with both boys on the weekend, plus making sure the house is clean (or at least presentable. Ha! Lets keep it real) and then doing all the other million things teachers take home was driving me craaaaazy!!!
My hats off to any single moms out there.  You guys are amazing!

Well anywho!

In the classroom we are learning about plants.  Let me tell you when I planted them last week I was really worried about these little plants.  I literally prayed for them over the weekend.  I plan to do this project for mothers day that I found on Pinterest.

So as you can see there is a little pressure on this little grass to grow.  Well when I left my little cups last week this is what they looked like.  Just dirt in a cup.

When I came back from the weekend  this is what they looked like.

Yay! We have grass.  Hopefully we get more grass but at least its a start.  I will keep praying things will turn out.  I have a backup just in case but I really thought this was cute and different.  My kiddos love logging in their observations.  Just take a look at them.  They can't see a camera or they go crazy.  I love these kiddos!

We are starting testing this week also and let me tell you I am not a happy camper.  I just want to skip this month and get to the fun end of the year stuff.

One week before school ends I always do a fun week at camp learned-a-lot.  I bring in a tent and have a makeshift campfire, we decorate our classroom, we sing camp songs, and even tell scary stories.  It truly feels like a week at camp.  I made this unit filled with fun camp activities. Here is a little peek, just click on the pics to check out the whole unit.  

We write in our journal everyday summarizing the events of the day.  My students love this time because so much is going on at camp they have a lot to write about.  
This cover is a freebie along with another activity if you download the preview.  
So just click on the pic to head on over to my TPT store and enjoy!

This is one of the parent letters offered.  There is also a blank one so you can fill out what you need for your classroom or one that just asks for money donations.  

We recite this everyday in our classroom just like we were in camp.  The kids love it!

There is more songs offered in the unit but this is my kids favorite song.  They literally beg to sing this song.  

So as you can see I am looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can't wait to go to camp!

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