Friday, May 3, 2013

Five for Friday 5/3/13

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for the Five for Friday Linky Party.

Hope you are all doing great!  As for me let me tell you it has been a FRIDAY!!!!!!  So let me explain before I get into the pics.  

First of all, today was hat day and free dress day.  I don't know what you guys have at your school but our kiddos wear uniform so on free dress day we know that the kids are a little extra talkative.  

Second, I have started end of the year assessments so my kiddos were doing work while I was reading with a student.  All of a sudden I hear "Mrs.R I have throw up on me!"  Apparantly a kid had projectile vomit in my class.  Yes you heard that right vomit!!!  UGH!!!!  It was everywhere and on two kiddos plus the kid that threw up.  So the janitor came and took care of the mess while I took care of the three kids with throw up on them.  On the bright side at least it wasn't stinky! 

Well now onto my Five for Friday!

Number 1

Here are our little grass heads.  If you read my earlier post you know that we are trying to make grass heads for Mothers Day.  I was a little worried because they did not seem to be growing.  Well this is what they looked like this morning.  I think we are well on their way.  Hope they stay alive until Mothers Day.  Come on!!! Just one more week.  

Number 2

Today my first grade team decided to order lunch and in honor of Cinco de Mayo we went with Cafe Rio.  Oh my goodness it was delicious!!!  If you have not tried it, it is a must.  They have handmade tortillas! Enough said!  Ha!  So I volunteered to go pick it up since they do not deliver.  It was a nice break right before lunch. 

Number 3

Decorations like this are going up all over our school.  This is our wonderful PTA getting ready for teacher appreciation week.  They do such a great job of making us feel special.  We have special lunches and breakfast.  We also have a snack cart that comes to each classroom in the day.  It has water, juices, cookies, chips, candy, fruit, and all kind of other yummy treats.  We also get a little gift everyday in our mailboxes with a cute little saying.  This year the them is Rockstars.  I can't wait to find out what happens next week.  I will keep you guys posted.  

Number 4

I have been very busy trying to update some of my old units while making new ones.  This is the next one in line.  It is one of my most popular units on Tpt and with my students.  I am adding more activites and a craftivity as well.  So if you have already purchased it please check back soon so you can re-download.  

Number 5

On a personal note,  here are my kiddos at my moms house.  This is the first time my little one is eating an Oreo cookie.  He loooooved that Oreo!  He literally had cookie everywhere.  
I can't believe how big they are getting.  My oldest is going to kindergarten next year and my baby is turning 1 next month.  OMG!!!  where are my babies????  I am having a really hard time with them growing up because I know that I am done having babies and I just wish I could hold on to them a little longer.  On the bright side I love how much they play now that baby is getting older.  They laugh and play all afternoon.  Ok enough because I am getting all teary eyed.  Ha!

Well I hope you guys enjoy your weekend.  I am definitely going to try.  I do need to tackle a mountain of papers that need to be graded.  Ugh!!  I really need to get better with that.  



  1. We have been growing plants for the last month. I actually just sent home our plants this week. My students loved watching their plants grow.

    Ms Richards's Musings

    1. I am so glad to hear that your plants lasted a month. I just have one more week with them. Hope they make it.


  2. LOOOOVE Cafe Rio over here in LA too!!! :) Their flour tortillas are amazing!!! :)


    1. Wow! I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I moved to Las Vegas in 2005. I had no idea they had a Cafe Rio over there. They have so many yummy places to eat in L.A. Makes me miss home. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. You children are very sweet. My two are in their early twenties and I miss my little boys. You'll have to visit my Five for Friday and hear how they sometimes feel about having a kindergarten mom! Make a point to do all the fun activities with them that you do in your class. I didn't do enough of that. Cute blog!!


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