Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hollywood Baby!

Hello Everyone!

I am still alive!  I got out of school last week and it seems like I forgot about this blog but I have some good excuses.  

First my little guy just had his first birthday.  Check out this pic of him looking so big.

He truly is the sweetest and happiest little boy I have met.  He always has a smile on his face.  God truly blessed us again when I got this little guy.  

Second I started taking classes on Monday.  UGH!!!!  What was I thinking???? This is what greeted me on Monday morning at 7am.

Im taking a Reading Academy which I know will be beneficial but why does it have to be at 7am and be 6 hours loooooong!  UGH!

Well anyways enough on my excuses Im linking up with Leigh from 
The Applicious Teacher

This linky party goes through the whole summer which is amazing!  
This weeks topic is classroom decor.  

I have a Hollywood Theme going on in my classroom. 
I guess I was going with more of a Hollywood Chic!  
Its not in your face Hollywood.  

This is the front of my room.  This was from the beginning of the year which is why I have the 1st day of school frame on my board.  The papers underneath my boards are for my student work.  It worked so well through the year being so low because I could easily change it out our have a student do it.  

This is the view from my door.  My table signs are Hollywood themed street signs.  

This is my library.  That bookcase isn't there anymore I was just trying different configurations.  

These are my VIP boards.  They are over my sink.  The Celebrity of the Week gets to bring in pics and fill out their posters.  Once their week is over they get a star to put in our walk of fame.  They love this!

This is my birthday day board.  I take the students pictures holding up their birthday and put it on their month.  Its a great visual for the beginning of the year when we are all trying to get to know each other.  

This is above my small group reading area.  

This is my word wall after I took all of our words off.  I love the zebra border.  I put it up with fabric and if you have ever done that you know its a pain.  You start bunching and it starts looking craaaazy!  You just have to keep going and by the end it gives it a good effect.  

This pic looks a little weird.  It might be because I took it with my iPad.  Ha!  
Well this is my writing center and my writing board.  It is right next to my word wall which works well because kids can use it.  I can't take credit for any of these fabulous resources.  The Writer's Eye came from one of my favorite bloggers, Cara Caroll:
The "What do Writer's Write? pencil you see came from another one of our favorite bloggers, Lindsey, at The Teacher Wife: 
The writing center printables came from A Cupcake For The Teacher:  Its her Writing Center Starter Kit

This is my math wall at the back of my room.  
I loved the writing center so much that I bought the math center kit.  
Hey you could see my birthday wall too.  

Hope you enjoyed a little trip through my room.  I plan to go in and add some more and change some things that didn't work this year but first I have to finish this class! AHHHHHHH!

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  1. Cindy- I am LOVIN' the Hollywood theme in your room. The Celebrity of the week is such a great way to highlight your students. Your little guy is adorable!! Thanks for linking up!

    The Applicious Teacher

  2. LOVE the Hollywood theme.... so cute!! I just started back to school & have been up to my eyeballs in reading about data analysis & school law. Fun times!

    Oh, and your little boy is ABSOLUTELY precious!! I mean that might be the cutest face I've ever seen :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Aww! Thanks Kelly he is the best!
      As for school. UGH!!!! is all I can say. I cant even imagine dealing with school law during summer! So good luck with that hopefully it will go fast.


  3. Very cute room, I love how you've done Hollywood! You've given me a great idea for a place for student work. I currently have nothing underneath my board and that's the perfect fit! Thanks for the idea! I found you through the linky and I am your newest follower! :)

  4. Love the Hollywood theme and your little guy is adorable!

    Read With Me ABC


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