Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School and last minute crafting!

Hello Everyone!
Before I start I want to tell you that my mind is all over the place so this post might resemble.  
I go back to school tomorrow for staff development.  
We have Meet The Teacher on Friday and our first official day with the kiddos is on Monday!

I dont know about all of you but every year I feel so nervous and anxious!
Im sure the year will be great but I cannot help those butterflies in my tummy!

Well onto my second part of my post! 
(im telling you I am truly feeling scatterbrain)
So I have a confession.  
I am not a crafter.  I have no patience so I do not craft.  
I have tried a lot of crafts and have had many pinterest fails!

Last week I saw Kelly from First Grade Fairytales had some beautiful Chevron tables and I mentioned how I was obsessed with chevron but can never do it because I have no patience to sit and measure.  
Trust me people I have tried many times and my lines always come out looking crazy!
Well she was so sweet and contacted me and let me in on a little secret.  
Did you know they sell chevron tape???
I have been going crazy measuring and taping and re-taping and re-measuring for nothing!
Well I knew I had to run to Lowes and pick some up.  

So after I got over the price I was in love.  
I had the perfect thing to add some chevron too.
I bought these stools from Ikea last week.  They were $5 and I knew they would be perfect for my reading area.    

So I got to work.  Now remember I am not a crafter so I did my best.  I knew I wanted it to fit my Hollywood Theme so this is what I came up with.  

I love how they came out.  Are they perfect NO!  but I love them anyways! 

I also redid my clothespins.  Let me tell you I use clothespins all over my room.  For my behavior chart, job chart, student work, you get the picture!  Ha!

I just love how these came out.  The washi tape was on sale at Target and they go great with my classroom.  This was super easy to do.  So if you want to cutesify your clothespins I definitely recommend this.  

Before I go to bed I wanted to tell you that I got so many goodies during the Back To School Sale.  
I cannot wait to share with you what I bought.  
Thank you to all of you who took the time to visit my TPT store and especially to all of you who took the time to leave feedback.  You guys made my day.  

Ok goodnight blog world.  
I am looking forward to an all day staff training said not teacher ever!


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