Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School Freebies

Hello Everyone!

Before we get to the good stuff I wanted to remind you about my 100th follower giveaway. 

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OK so now lets get down to business.
My kiddos don't start school until Aug. 26th but I am trying to knock some things off of my never ending to do list.
The first day is always crazy!
The kiddos are super excited and there are supplies still coming in and then you have the occasional tears ( sometimes from the parents, Ha!)
So I always like to have something waiting on the students desks to keep them busy while I take care of business.  I really like for the first thing the kiddos do to be kind of fun and easy so that they can do it independently while I am running around.

So this is what I came up with a little welcome mat.
click on the pic to head on over to my TPT store to grab your freebie.

I only made it from K-2 because I figured it was way to simple for the upper grades.  I have never really taught the upper grades so I don't know what you guys do on first day.  

I also have another little oldie to remind you of and its free!
I use these in my classroom at the beginning when I am introducing poems.  There is a poem for each letter of the alphabet.  I put them in a folder and we go through a letter every couple of days.  We read the poem and then I have the students illustrate it.  The next day we re-read the poem and highlight or underline sight words, short vowel words, or anything else we are working on.  As the year goes on I add different poems to the folder.  
The students love looking back at these poems.  
Hope you enjoy and I would really appreciate feedback if possible.    

I will share my first week lesson plans with you tomorrow.  
I know have to go play Legos with my little guy.  



  1. I love the ABC poems! I used them in my classroom last year as part of my poetry center!!

    I follow you on Google as Aimee.

    Primarily Speaking

  2. I was so excited when I found the link for these ABC poems. However I have been unable to find the actual poems. If you could help me with this I would so appreciate it! My email is


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