Sunday, August 4, 2013

Class Pics and a Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

I have finally reached 100 followers on Bloglovin.  

I really want you to know how much I appreciate all of you that follow my little blog. 
Ever since my husband took his new position he has been away a lot so that means I have double duty on my hands.  
So I have been a little MIA but you have stuck with me.

Thank you!
So I started thinking what do you all need right now.  

What you need is things to get your classroom up and running and who knows what you need better than you do.  
So to help you out I am giving away MOOLAH!  

I am giving away a $25 gift certificate to  TPT.  
This way you can buy those things that you have been putting off in your wishlist.

Ok now that you have entered the giveaway.

Check out some of my classroom pics.  
Now remember I have been flying solo since my hubby has been out of town on work so I have been doing things here and there but you know how it is with two kids running around.

This was my library before.  I had a hodge podge of baskets.  
These baskets were donated from teachers retiring and I got some from dollar tree and well it was looking CRAAZY!

It was driving me BANANAS!
So this year I decided enough was enough.  
I went to Dollar Tree and found baskets in Red and Blue to go with my Hollywood Theme.  
Check it out!

I love how uniform they look.
I know there are 4 baskets that are different.
Those are leveled by reading level.  
My kiddos are only allowed to these 4 baskets at first while they learn how to keep the library organized.  
After my cleaning crew ensures that they know how to put books back where they belong I open the whole library.  We have a big celebration for the grand opening.  The kiddos love it!
I will blog more on this at a later time.

Here is my behavior clip chart and my class rules.  
I put them on my wardrobe because who wants to look at that wood laminate.  
I love how they came out.

This is my student work board.  
I will be adding clips to the papers and spacing out the red papers once I find out how many kiddos I have this year.  As of right now I only have 16 but last year I had 24 so I had to make sure the papers fit.  

Here is a close up of my board.  I love how that teal pops!  

This is my board behind my reading table.  
I use these constantly throughout the year.  They are my Reading chunks. 
I also got the 3 sounds of ed as a freebie last year from What The Teacher Wants (I think?? If its someone else please let me know so I can link it.)

So that is all I got for you today.  I am going to try to sneak in this week and get my nametags up and my calendar board. 
More pics to come.  



  1. Congratulations! I follow your blog (Cherie Mae Ong), your store (cheriemae) and shared your giveaway ( Lovely classroom photos! You must be excited to go back to school and meet your new students!

  2. Congrats! Your classroom is looking great :)
    First Grade Carousel

  3. Congrats! Your classroom is looking great!


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