Monday, July 14, 2014

Back to School Soon!

Hello friends!

I know some of you are back to school already and I am sorry!  I still have a whole month left which is not enough for my never ending to do lists.

The first thing I needed to do was get my fabric for my classroom.  I had a Hollywood theme last two years so I had a lot of red and yellow fabric and I was over it!  So I made a trip to Joann fabrics and was overwhelmed to say the least.  After an hour or so of debating on fabric I decided on these:

I love how they tie in all my colors.  So excited to get my crafting on and attempt a curtain for my room.  

Next on my to do list was to finish my wardrobes and clean off the top because when I left school I literally just shoved everything up there.  So today I got up early and headed into my classroom to find this:
The janitors cleaned my room last week and moved all of my stuff right in front of my wardrobes.
So I spent an hour moving the desks out my way.  Not the way I wanted to spend my morning!
So I covered my ugly wood panel wardrobes with this beautiful wrapping paper. 
I know that there is contact paper out there I can use but let me tell you I tried it and I do not have the patience for it.  I detest air bubbles and they were popping up left and right.  If you have the patience then more power to you.  As for me I looked in the party supply section at Walmart and found this wrapping paper for $3 and I laminated it and mounted taped it onto my wardrobe.  No air bubbles and it was super quick to put up.  I just lined it with sparkly duct tape and voila I was done!

I redid my word wall as well.  
I love the pop of color.  

I redid my weekly drawers.  Look how cute they came out.  They are from Learning in Wonderland just click on the link.
The last thing I did today was update my table cubbies.  They were looking pretty boring so I decided to cutesify them.  

Today was a pretty productive day.  I will go back to school tomorrow and get some more done.  
Im trying to get as much done this week because next week my family and I are heading to Legoland.  
We are so excited!

Ok goodnight friends.
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  1. Wow! You were busy and productive! Everything looks GREAT so far! You're making me feel the itch to get back to school sand work! :)


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