Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vacation, Classroom update and some freebies.

Hello Friends!

It has been a busy two weeks at my house.  So get ready for the rundown peeps.

Last week my family and I went on a little vacation.  We packed up the car and drove down to San Diego.
We went to Legoland and had a blast!

While in San Diego we enjoyed the beach.  We live in Las Vegas friends so whenever we get the opportunity to see the ocean we take it.  My boys had so much fun that I literally had to beg to leave.

Then we packed our little sunburned booties back in the car and drove back home!
We had a blast California until next time.

So the very next day I drove to school because I have issues and I stress about my classroom not being ready.  Like many of you do!

This my friends is what I found waiting for me.  My  husband put up my student work board before we left and my alphabet but everything else was a hot mess!!!

So I got to work!

My word wall and color posters.  
(Im still working on uploading my word wall)

My writing board.  The punctuation posters are from my store. I got the writing center printable from A Cupcake for the Teacher.  
The writers eye printable are a little freebie that I remade from The First Grade Parade.  Just click on the link  or the picture to head on over to my store and download my updated version of the freebie.  

This is the front of my room.  I just love how bright and cheery it looks.

I reached my first 200 followers on instagram so I made this little freebie.  Just click on the pic to head on over to my store and download.
If you are not following me already on Instagram head on over!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Classroom progress and a Sale!

Hello Friends,

I have been making progress in my classroom.  Yay!  Not as much as I want to be making because the janitors are still cleaning so I have to leave early, but I know I am lucky to be able to go in whenever I want so I am not going to complain.  

The last 2 years I have had a Hollywood Theme which I loved but was looking for a change.  This was my writing bulletin board from last year.

It was super cute but didn't fit my new theme.  So I took it all down and changed the fabric and borders.  
This is what it looks like now:

I cannot wait to finish it.
Last year I had these posters above my guided reading table.  
The students used them sooooooo much!
These were adorable but again did not fit my new theme so I came up with these.
You can click the pic to head on over to my TPT.  

So now for the Sale!
I know alot of you are already creating Back to School units.
I created these two sets of clipart last year for the beginning of the year.  
They are now 20% off  so just click on the pic to head on over to my store.  

These 2 sets are

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Back to School Soon!

Hello friends!

I know some of you are back to school already and I am sorry!  I still have a whole month left which is not enough for my never ending to do lists.

The first thing I needed to do was get my fabric for my classroom.  I had a Hollywood theme last two years so I had a lot of red and yellow fabric and I was over it!  So I made a trip to Joann fabrics and was overwhelmed to say the least.  After an hour or so of debating on fabric I decided on these:

I love how they tie in all my colors.  So excited to get my crafting on and attempt a curtain for my room.  

Next on my to do list was to finish my wardrobes and clean off the top because when I left school I literally just shoved everything up there.  So today I got up early and headed into my classroom to find this:
The janitors cleaned my room last week and moved all of my stuff right in front of my wardrobes.
So I spent an hour moving the desks out my way.  Not the way I wanted to spend my morning!
So I covered my ugly wood panel wardrobes with this beautiful wrapping paper. 
I know that there is contact paper out there I can use but let me tell you I tried it and I do not have the patience for it.  I detest air bubbles and they were popping up left and right.  If you have the patience then more power to you.  As for me I looked in the party supply section at Walmart and found this wrapping paper for $3 and I laminated it and mounted taped it onto my wardrobe.  No air bubbles and it was super quick to put up.  I just lined it with sparkly duct tape and voila I was done!

I redid my word wall as well.  
I love the pop of color.  

I redid my weekly drawers.  Look how cute they came out.  They are from Learning in Wonderland just click on the link.
The last thing I did today was update my table cubbies.  They were looking pretty boring so I decided to cutesify them.  

Today was a pretty productive day.  I will go back to school tomorrow and get some more done.  
Im trying to get as much done this week because next week my family and I are heading to Legoland.  
We are so excited!

Ok goodnight friends.
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Sunday, July 6, 2014


Hello friends,

I am checking in really quick to let you know that I am now on Instagram.  Just click on the button on the left side and head on over.  I am following a lot of my favorite bloggers on there because they share so many cute pictures.  Hope to see you soon over there!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th sale!

 Hello Friends,
In honor of 4th of July my entire store is on sale.  Just click on the pic to head on over to my store!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chevron and Polkadots!

Hello Friends,

I have big news!  I am changing my theme this year.  Although I loved my Hollywood theme I needed a change.  I am not going with an actual theme this year but more of a pattern and colors.  I am in love with chevron like most of you but I wanted something more.  So I decided to mix patterns and do chevron and polkadots.
Let me tell you friends I am in love!!!

So today I was super productive and got things printed, laminated and cut.  I will try to go into school and put it up next week.  I cant wait to see these up in my room.  
This was my giant pile of lamination.  
I have a confession.  I love cutting lamination.  I love sitting on the couch with my feet up and a stack of lamination.  Please tell me I am not the only weirdo!

Check it out.
You can click on any of the pics to head on over to my store.

This is my new alphabet line.  As you can see the top is chevron and the bottom is polkadot and it has beautiful graphics from Krista over at Creative Clips.  
Im in love!!!

This is my new color line.  
Are you as obsessed with Melonheadz as I am.  Love her graphics.  

This is my number line.
It has a beautiful teal polkadot background and gray chevron.  

This is my word wall.  I will be uploading this soon.  It will be editable so that you could add the words that you are working with in your classroom.  
I tried to stick to gray, hot pink, lime green, teal, and neon yellow.  I just love how those colors pop off that gray color without making it look too girly.  

This is my new clipchart.  It is from Lori and Teaching with Love and Laughter. 
love, love, love the graphics.  Guess what Lori is so amazing that she is giving this as a freebie on her facebook page.  Thank you! Thank you!

Go check out all my Chevron and Polkadot themed itemes now cause I put them on sale!!!!
They are all 20% off until July 5th.  

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