Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Everywhere we go....and an OOPS!

Hello Everyone!  
Well it is official camp has started in my classroom.  I went in yesterday (yes on a holiday! WHAATTTT!) to finish my report cards and get things set up for camp.  
I made our little sign to welcome all our little campers to school.
Here it is on my floor since I didn't have time to take a picture today as it was hanging on my door! UGH!

The students loved it!  Even the kids walking by our door would read the sign and peek in because they wanted to be at camp.  

Here is the tent I set up in my room.  
First of all let me tell you those things are hard to get set up.  
I personally have never set one up before so it must have been hilarious if anyone was watching this little short person trying to reach and pull those stick thingamajigs.  
Oh yeah by the way Im short like 5'2" on a good day.  Ha!  
I finally pulled it off and it looks pretty good.  As the students walked in today they thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  I have since added stuffed animals in there so that they can read with.  In my class we do Daily 5 so the kids that are allowed in the tent are the ones during Read to Self.  Let me tell you I have never had so many kids want to be at that center before.  

The whole day was filled with camp activities.  We learned camp songs.  I introduce one camp song a day for the kiddos and we sing it all day, whenever we have a free moment.  So today we sang

"Everywhere we go! People Want to Know! Who We are! So We Tell Them! We are Camp Learned A-Lot! The Mighty Mighty First Graders! 

Well you get the point I sing and then the kiddos repeat.  At the end it say "We shout a little louder!"  this is their favorite part because they actually get to be loud inside.  That is cray cray!
We also made postcards to our families and we sent them off.  They thought it was so awesome to be able to send mail to their parents.  

Tomorrow is friendship day so they are to bring a cup of cereal to our classroom to make friendship stew.  I will post pics tomorrow.  
If you want to check out my Camp Learned-A-Lot unit just click on the pic.

Well during my prep I was trying to fill in my SuperHero Awards and I noticed that some of them said "in recognition of her... or of his..."  Well this wasn't working for me because I need to be able to give the award to whoever I want.  So I fixed them and made them gender neutral.  So if you bought them please go re-download them.  Hope it didn't cause any problems for anyone since it is the end of the year for most people.  They are still editable so make sure you go check them out by clicking on my computer screen!

Now I am off to go do my insanity video.  If you have been following my posts you know that I recently got this workout program.  I am now on week 2.  I am kind of in love with it.  I can't wait for summer though because waking up at 4:30 or waiting until boys go to bed to workout is getting old.  So can't wait for summer to be able to do it on my own time.  



  1. I love your superhero awards, Cindy! I am trying to talk my mom into doing a superhero theme for her classroom next year, so will have to share! Thanks :)

    The Fashionista Teacher

  2. I love a superhero theme and the kids really love it. Hope your mom agrees :-). Thanks for stopping by.



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