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Five for Friday 5/10/13

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Let me tell you this week has been so busy... but a good kind of busy. 
Mothers Day events and Teacher Appreciation all in one week is craaaazy!

Speaking of Teacher Appreciation don't forget to enter my giveaway.  It is over tomorrow and there are so many good prizes.  Hurry and enter right now and then come back and read the rest of my post because I have a lot of pics!

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Ok now that you have entered the giveaway here are my five pics for the week.  

This week was Moms and Muffins at my sons preschool.  It was so much fun to get there early and get to have just a special date just me and him.  
I dont know why this picture is blurry but it is such a shame.  I don't know about you guys but it is so hard to get a good picture with my kids.  Either they are not looking, or not smiling, or making a silly face.  So this makes me kind of sad that its blurry.

We were busy in our classroom trying to finish up our mothers day gifts.  If you have been following my blog you know that we had grass growing and we were going to make grass heads.  Well I am happy to report that our grass survived!!!!!!  
Here is a pic of our finished project. 

 I had the kids make a silly face and then in the back we put a little saying, 
"I hope every time you see my silly face it will brighten you day!  Happy Mothers day"
The mommy loved them!
We also had these purse craft.  The students answered questions about their moms.  Let me tell you some of them were hilarious.  Just remember mommys kids are always watching and they love to share in the classroom! hahahahaha!  I chose a nice kid to take pictures of since some of my parents have found my blog!

This week was teacher appreciation and our PTA goes above and beyond.  
We love them!
This was our menu for the week

There was a rock theme for the week.  So every where you looked the school was decorated with jukeboxes, guitars, and all kind of sparkly cutesy stuff.  
So other than the activities for the week we also would get cute treats in our mailboxes.  
I think the best day of the week is the healthy cart day.  
They come to your room with all kind of goodies that you can choose from.  LIke baked chips, fruit, water, juice and all kind of other goodies.  I just loooove that it is delivered to your door!
Today we had Chipotle catered for lunch.  If you have not ate there it is another must!
It was delish!  Here is what our lounge looked like today
It was so festive.  I wish they would leave it like this all year.  

Today was also super fun because we had a field trip that was stress free!  (yes I know those words have never been uttered by a teacher before. Ha!) This field trip actually came to our school and had sessions in each of our classrooms.  I don't know if you have ever heard of Bricks for Kids but its a Lego place where kids go and take workshops.  They learn about Balance and Motion, they use axle's and gears and have to build things.  
My kiddos built a Ferris Wheel today.  They were so focused and determine.  They loved it!

There are only 4 weeks left in school.  Whaaatt!
As our assessments are almost over we are starting to plan our end of the year activities.  I can't even believe its that time of the year already.  It seems like this year flew!
Well my favorite end of the year activity to do is our CAMP-LEARNED-ALOT.
I took it out today and planed out my days since I will be doing it the week of Memorial Day so instead of doing 5 days I will be squeezing things into 4.  
Here is the unit I am so excited about
(I will be adding more to it this weekend so if you already purchased it make sure you go back 
and redownload)

We write in our journal everyday summarizing the events of the day.  My students love this time because so much is going on at camp they have a lot to write about.  
This cover is a freebie along with another activity if you download the preview.  
So just click on the pic to head on over to my TPT store and enjoy!

This is one of the parent letters offered.  There is also a blank one so you can fill out what you need for your classroom or one that just asks for money donations.  

We recite this everyday in our classroom just like we were in camp.  The kids love it!

There is more songs offered in the unit but this is my kids favorite song.  They literally beg to sing this song.  

I hope you enjoyed your week!  Like I have been saying all week.  You all truly deserve to be recognized everyday.  


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  1. Your PTO is awesome!

    That is such a cool field trip. Ah, imagining no permission slips missing, no chaperone drama, and no constant head counts. Heavenly.


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