Thursday, May 30, 2013

I want to camp S'more!

Hello Everyone!
Im on a roll this week.  It has been filled with such fun activities that I cannot help but share with you all.  
Today was Nature Day!
We took a walk outside and used our senses to check off some items from our lists.  The kids loved walking outside and actually listening to different sounds. 
Their favorite activity though from the day was making S'MORES. 
I didn't tell them we were making them which was even better.  We were writing in our camp journal and we were brainstorming some of the stuff we have done at camp.  Then one student said, "Mrs. R this camp is awesome but I wish we could eat S'mores.  We always have them when I go camping."

So then I had the kids talk about the steps to make smores and the ingredients.   

So I busted out my ingredients and they were so excited that we werent just going to talk about it!  Then I had them brainstorm ideas on how to get them warm.  One kid wanted to go collect wood outside.  Then one kid said, "Hello we can't build a fire in our classroom!  Are you crazy!" Ha! I love that kid. So after tossing around some ideas we wrapped our smores in aluminum foil and set them outside to warm in the sun.  Las Vegas was about 95 degrees today so they were definitely cooked.  
Here are the kiddos after we collected them from outside.

They loved the S'mores!  The chocolate was very gooey so maybe not so long outside would have been best.  We then filled in our Smore book from my camp unit.  

Tomorrow we are performing our readers theatres for our parents.  The students are very excited.  They have worked so hard.  They are making their own setting and let me tell you they are coming out adorable.  One of our plays is The Three Little Pigs so check out 2 of the houses.  

This is the wood house.  Can you see the two little pigs in the windows?  

Here is the straw house.  Love that they added curtains.  

I will post more pics from out plays tomorrow.  
Now I am off for insanity.  


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